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Digital Travel, Aviation and Startups

October 14, 2012


In Association with Vault PAD Ventures UK

Date; 8th November 2013 – Time; 1600-1800
Venue; UMIC, CTF Building, 46 Grafton Street, M13 9NT.


A 2 hour introductory session for Startups followed by Travel Massive Manchester at the Black Dog Ballroom@ 1830.

The Northwest and The World’s Largest Business Sector

The Northwest has always been and continues to be a hotbed of innovation. However, when it comes to Travel it has been taking a back seat to the rest of the world. The region that spawned aircraft such as the Lancaster Bomber and the Vulcan to today’s Airbus family should be at the forefront of Aviation, Travel and Tourism.

Now a partnership between The University of Manchester Innovation Group  Digital Accelerator and Vault PAD – A Global Travel Accelerator – is aiming to change that. We are seeking Innovative ideas for digital enterprises in the travel and leisure industry.

Come and join us for a few hours while we explore the opportunities for Digital Travel.

Who should attend?

  • Start-ups that have a solution for travelers or travel companies
  • Existing companies wanting to break into the travel space
  • Established travel companies looking for new solutions or new partners
  • Academic researchers and students
  • Investment – angels or venture firms
  • Anyone interested in finding out about innovation in the travel industry


 1. The world of Travel and the Opportunity – 30 mins.

  • Why Travel, Why Now and is it really hard or is that a pot of gold as well as a thrill  ride we see? How can startups enter the world of Travel? It’s a constantly changing market.

 2. Access and Data  – Gateways and Gatekeepers 30 Mins (John Lambe)

  • What companies have which data?
  • How to find the right person to talk to
  • Commercial agreement considerations
  • Data and API structure – Yes Standards Matter

3. Standards – Resources

  • Funding – I can’t live on Big Macs my whole life.
  • Strategies
  • Founding Sources and avenues

4.  Guest Speaker  Dr Krassimira Paskaleva – Senior Research Fellow MIOIR

5. Still want to do it – now what?

A panel of experts drawn from local and International resources will take your questions. For example:

  • How to get along in this industry
  • Finding a mentor/advisor and being accepted


  • Dr Krassimira Paskaleva – Senior Research Fellow MIOIR
  • John Lambe – Founder of OpenJaw Technologies
  • Paul Addy – Founder of Teamwork Solutions/Datalex, Dexter Intelligence
  • Kevin O’Sullivan – SITA Labs
  • Malcolm Evans – Funding Enterprise
  • Timothy O’Neil-Dunne – Managing Partner VaultPad, Founding Team member Expedia, TNooz node.

Travel Massive Manchester networking will follow sponsored by TNooz and Vault PAD.

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