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Fragmentation – Innovation Stimulant or Killer?

November 26, 2012


Much is discussed over the fragmentation of media. In this day and age – Media is no longer a clean and clear concept. For example embedded in Apple’s iOS is an advertising platform since version iO4. Understanding the parameters and scope of Media is no longer simple or clear. The pressure to reach the consumer via just about any vehicle has blurred all lines. Editorial vs Advertising is so confused. What about product placement in entertainment?

OK now I have your attention on this topic is Fragmentation a good or bad thing for innovation?

I urge you to read the following piece in eMarketer Trends for 2013: What Fragmentation Means for ‘Critical Mass’. This lays out neatly some of the issues confronting media and our consumption of it. Stir in a mix of RTB (Real time bidding) for advertising which is a dynamic price for adds and you are in for some real fun I think.

In general innovation comes from opportunities and seen gaps. It is more usually these days derived rather than completely new as we have had such an explosion of innovation and new ideas emerge in the past 15 years. It is amazing sometimes how well we are able to cope with this amount of change.

But change is here and its a permanent state. Fragmentation is a natural state of affairs now. Innovation can seize the opportunity posed in this situation. Let me give an example where I believe innovation is lacking and the opportunity exists.

Today our ability to cope with the amount of data we consumer is increasingly limited. Consider some skills we have lost due to this information overload. Maps! We are now largely dependent on GPS (satnav) devices. Our ability to map read or even look for natural signs for orientation has severely diminished over the past few years. What about writing a letter. I don’t mean just the ink to paper issue, I mean the skills necessary to write a comprehensive instrument of communication. Not so easy these days.

So here is some advice. Look carefully at the plethora of media activity. Decide if there is an opportunity. Look not just at the immediate conclusion of your your observations but look more carefully at the long term impact. From the new ways the consumer is consuming media – consider how you can provide a measure of consistency and constancy across channels so that the consumer is aware of you even though you might not have the opportunity to be front an centre with the consumer’s interaction with media. How can you do this in the different media vehicles. Not just physical (e.g. Television vs Web) but also down to the platform of user interaction and the associated proprietary content channels

And yes in my view there is a significant opportunity to innovate and provide value. But the tasks are getting harder and harder. Innovation cannot be maintained – it has to be sustained with constant pushing and refreshing.

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