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Dark Sides in 2013 – I will be watching

December 31, 2012


One new trend I want to start thinking about in 2013 is the “walk away” and “immune” consumer. We have always had these people. These are the guys who in the fruit market walk through – touch the fruit (and bruise it) and then walk out without buying anything. They are the people who when the leaflet people try to thrust a piece of advertising let it fall on the floor and don’t even acknowledge the bill pusher.

In cyberspace we dont even have to view it. We can put in software into our devices that actually remove the opportunity to even view an offer of any sort.

And this is the problem and potential for worsening the experience for the rest of us. We already know how much the Privacy abuses by the AGFA empires affects us. Facebook’s come uppance was the image of the “Hooded One” being splashed around the web – he is clearly not amused but its fair play. On a more serious note was the spat of the publication of the gun owners in NY State and the NRA’s retaliation by publishing the addresses of the journalists and publishers of the newspaper.

Are we to be subjected to shock treatment in 2013 and beyond? I think this is highly likely.

And I will be watching to find ways to make that not interfere with the rest of our experience in Online Travel. Already we are recommending to our startups and friends 2 things:

1. Have a full and proper privacy policy.

2. Put in the necessary controls to keep your customers and users safe.


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