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Sometimes the joy is just doing it…

November 18, 2013



ImageToday was a Sunday (in most parts of the world. In the Puget Sound a cold win was blowing but a pleasant day all round.

Tomorrow I have a round of meetings then head to the hedonistic travel heaven also known as PhocusWright. To cleanse my mind of all the hoopla and to a large extent glorified Cow Poop that will be ushered in on the wings of so called Innovation – I decided to do something I had not done in a long time. Surf on the World Wide Web.

How else would I have learned about NaBloMoPo?

Truly something magnificent. People blogging for the sure heck of it.

I love story telling. To me it is the highest form of Human Art. It weaves all those elements that makes us human. So I truly love a good story. This month being National Blogger Posting Month is probably a bit of a con from folks like WordPress. However I did enjoy some of the stories people are telling and then retelling.

So get out there and tell a story. Even if there is no one around to hear it.






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