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We have all been there, excited to help startups in travel grow. We have dedicated time and effort to companies and teams that were seeking advice and we gladly offered it to them. Yet, it has been unstructured and sometimes we wished we were helping one of the new companies out there, who just need that little change to make their products really work.

At VaultPAD, we seek to add structure to this informal process. By matching you with relevant startups and ideas you would like to work with, we provide you with the opportunity to become a formal, equity-holding mentor. You select the ideas you would like to work on and the time you would like to dedicate. We already work with a number of industry professionals, from chief scientists to program managers and CEOs at some of the leading travel companies in the world. We’d be happy to have you on board.

If you’d like to join VaultPAD’s mentor network, please send us a note at

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